New Audio: The Raveonettes Bittersweet Ode to Heartbreak and Breakups

Now if you’ve been frequenting this site for the better part of the past year, you’d know that renowned Danish indie rock duo The Raveonettes have embarked on a single of the month series that they’ve titled the Rave Sound of the Month. Interestingly, the single of the month concept is something that has picked up steam among an increasing array of artists — and in some way, it makes sense both creatively and marketing-wise in the short attention span, blogosphere age. Creatively, the artist isn’t contained by having to write material with a particularly cohesive style or theme in mind as they would generally require themselves for an album; however, they are forced to come up with ideas within rather strict, demand and regularly occurring deadlines. Ironically within those restrictions, there is a paradoxical sense of freedom as the artist can do anything within those boundaries while forcing them to get their ideas together in as efficient of a manner as humanly possible.

In the case of The Raveonettes, their single of the month series was in some way, meant to capture the emotional highs and lows of a year in their lives and in the writing and recording process — and that gives the material a palpable urgency while feeling as though it could have been torn from a page of their journals.

The latest single of the Rave Sound of the Month series “This Is Where It Ends” is an atmospheric and moody song consisting of off-kilter syncopation, buzzing and swirling ambient electronics and ethereally cooed, vocals focusing on the bitter yet necessary and heartbreaking end of a relationship and the lingering ghosts, resentments and memories it entails, while suggesting that accepting the end of a relationship can be one of the most difficult things to encounter.