New Audio: The Spectral, R&B Leaning, New Single From Brooklyn-based Duo ACES

Comprised of Russ Flynn and Alexandra Stewart, the Brooklyn-based duo ACES craft a painstakingly meticulous sound that pairs Flynn’s sparse, shimmering and atmospheric production with Stewart’s tender and breathy vocals and soaring, anthemic hooks. Now, if you’ve been frequenting JOVM over the past week or so, you may recall that I’ve previously written about the duo’s first single “What Do You Think They’ll Say About Me,” a song that managed to evoke sunset drives, slow-burning romance and of wisps of smoke gently dissipating into the ether— while just underneath the surface the song possesses an achingly desperate vulnerability and longing.

Flynn and Stewart’s latest single “I’m Already Gone” is an R&B leaning track that pairs eerily, atmospheric synths, skittering, four-on-the-floor drum programming with Stewart’s breathy, achingly tender vocals and brief blasts of guitar to craft a slow-burning, moody and tense ballad that’s one part old-fashioned torch song, and one part wishful and tender farewell. From both “I’m Already Gone” and “What Do You Think They’ll Say About Me,” the duo of Flynn and Stewart have quickly proven that they specialize in a gorgeously, spectral and delicate pop sound.