New Audio: The Subtly Mystical Sound of Daniel Pearson’s New Single “Rivers”

With the release of his first two albums, Satellites and Mercury State, singer/songwriter Daniel Pearson received national and international attention as both efforts revealed Pearson to be a versatile and inventive songwriter as Satellites possessed a hook-laden, almost pop-orientated Americana sound, while Mercury State was a stark, bleak album of folk ballads and electric blues informed by the recession and economic collapse.

Pearson’s third and soon-to-be released album Alone, Together may arguably be the most personal album the singer/songwriter has released in his young career, as the album is deeply influenced by the events of the last couple of years of Pearson’s life. Pearson got married, left his long-time teaching job in order to concentrate on music full-time, saw his work become critically applauded and beloved by a bevy of fans across the world. With the birth of his first child, he became a father — and while all of this was going on, he battled against and has survived a rare and lethal form of eye cancer.

And as you’ll hear on the album’s first single “Rivers,” the song conveys a complex and complicated array of emotions: pride, triumph, the humbling recognition of one’s frailty and mortality, the mixed feeling of fear, awe, and relief when you’ve finally stumbled on to real, significant love for the first time in your life. Interestingly, the song manages to bear a resemblance to both Neil Young and No Code-era Pearl Jam as layers of angular and jangling guitar are paired with gentle harmonies to create a sound that subtly evokes a tranquil, Eastern mysticism.