New Audio: Up-and-Coming Brooklyn-based Duo Parrot Dream Release an Anthemic New Single

Late last month, I wrote about Parrot Dream, an up-and-coming shoegaze duo comprised of the, Santiago, Chile-born, Brooklyn-based Christina Hansen Appel (vocals, keys) and Gonzalo Guererro (guitar) back in 2013, and as you may recall, after relocating to Brooklyn, the duo quickly began to develop a reputation for sprawling and shimmering soundscapes. which helped them amass more than 500,000 steams on Spotify.

Written and recorded over a two year period, the duo’s soon to be released full-length debut Light Goes is slated for release later this month through Good Eye Records, and the album’s material reportedly touches upon themes of connection, love, memory and clarity. Album single “Paradise & Prey” was a slow-burning and atmospheric track that managed to be elegiac yet uplifting, anthemic yet intimate — and while indebted to 4AD Records and the classic shoegaze sound, the Chilean-born, Brooklyn-based duo have a subtly modern take on it.”Cloudchaser,” Light Goes‘ latest single may arguably the most anthemic bit of shoegaze on the entire album as its centered around shimmering and arpeggiated synths, propulsive drumming, equally shimmering guitar chords and Hansen Appel’s ethereal vocals floating over the mix. And adding to the anthemic nature of the song, the duo in press notes admit that the song was written with playful metaphors in mind, reflecting the idea of being in a relationship with unpredictable, tumultuous patterns; and of feeling of seeking shelter and being energized by the storminess.”