New Audio: WDSTCK’s Didrik Thulin’s Summertime, Club-Friendly Solo Debut

Perhaps best known as a co-founder of critically and internationally acclaimed electronic music act WDSTCK, as well as collaborating with Matoma and Sonny Alven, Didrik Thulin is stepping up and out into a solo career with the release of his first complete self-produced single “Teenage Hype.” And as Thulin explains in press notes “This is the first single i´ve released where I have done the production, singing and songwriting. ‘Teenage Hype’ is a song about friendship, and the joy of exploring the corners and boundaries of youth life with someone you look up to and admire. It’s trying to capture the excitement of hanging out with older people, pushing limits, and venturing into new, exotic places in the urban jungle.” As a result, the song which features a slick and contemporary production of shimmering cascades of synths, stuttering and skittering drum programming and tweeter and woofer rocking beats paired with Thulin’s plaintive crooning possess an air of wonder, hope and possibility — all while being a breezy, summertime, club-friendly jam.