New Single: Check Out the Slinky, Seductive and Soulful Electro Pop Sounds of Michigan’s Daniel Wilson


Up-and-coming, 24 year-old, Michigan-based singer/songwriter and producer Daniel Wilson much like a number of pop artists grew up in a gospel music-loving home. Feeling inspired to create by using file-sharing programs, the Michigan-based Wilson quickly received attention for slickly produced, slinky, funky and incredibly sexy soul/electro pop reminiscent of the likes of Steven A. Clark, Rick James, Boulevards and others — while also drawing from 80s synth pop. Interestingly, Wilson’s latest EP Sinner of the Week found the Michigan-based producer and singer/songwriter collaborating with Matt Hales, who has worked with Disclosure; Jimmy Harry, who has worked with Madonna; and Jimmy Hogarth, who has worked with Sia with each producer adding additional brightness to the recordings.

EP title track and latest single “Sinner of the Week” pairs Wilson’s silky smooth vocals with a propulsive groove, shimmering and tumbling cascades of synths, a sinuous bass line in a club-friendly, radio-friendly song that’s perfect for doing a little two-step — and for seducing that pretty young thing at the club.







Dubbed ‘little Luther’ by his family who soon heard what we’re now fortunate enough to hear ourselves, Michigan based artist/producer Daniel Wilson was born with a voice that simply oozes soul. It would be over simplifying his talent to drop his name alongside the greats, but it also wouldn’t be fair to – Wilson doesn’t need the burden. This is modern soul with a healthy, digital pulse, but it’s a sound all of its maker’s creation.


Allowing the gospel music of his family home to infiltrate his DNA as a child, but feeling more empowered to create by using file-sharing programs, 24 year old Wilson writes stylish, electric pop music and sends it skyward with that fascinatingly accomplished vocal. “Wedding Daze” is the EP’s opening number, and it positively radiates with an energy and colour. It’s a song not encumbered by trying to fit neatly into a pocket or self-serving playlist category, yet it’s a song for Saturday nights, and a song for Sunday mornings. A party favorite, and a chill-out staple.  It’s the sound of a young musician wanting to write a show-stopper, and confident enough to paint it in technicolour.


The four tracks on the EP saw Wilson work alongside producers Matt Hales (Disclosure), Jimmy Harry (Madonna), and Jimmy Hogarth (Sia), to give additional, vivid brightness to the artist’s bedroom recordings.