New Video: Brazil’s Please Use Right Excuses Releases a 120 Minutes Inspired Mosh Pit Ripper

Over the course of three EPs, 2017’s P.U.R.E., 2019’s Tax and the recently released Pure-quarantine, the Brazilian indie rock/alt rock trio Please Use Right Excuses (a.k.a. P.U.R.E.) — Bruno (vocals, guitar), Aracelli (vocals, bass) and Junior (drums) — have quickly established a sound that’s heavily indebted to 90s grunge rock.

“Anxious,” Pure-quarantine EP‘s latest single is a mosh pit friendly ripper centered around distortion and fuzz pedaled power chords, thunderous drumming, rumbling down-tuned bass, howled vocals and a rousingly anthemic chorus. Sonically, the track brings back fond memories of 120 Minutes era MTV — in particular, In Utereo era Nirvana, Dinosaur, Jr., Melvins and others come to mind.

The recently released video by Ian Carlo Blau and Pro Fernandes is also heavily indebted to classic MTV: the video features the members of the band behaving decadently: drinking wine, eating popcorn in a sparsely decorated room and playing the song in front of red light. The visual is stylish, uneasy and brooding.