New Video: British Label Dirty Water Records to Re-Issue Infamous New Zealand Punk Rockers’ Debut

Originally comprised of Paul Caveman (vocals), Jack Caveman (guitar, vocals), Nick Caveman (bass) and Jake Caveman (drums), the Auckland, New Zealand-based punk rock quartet The Cavemen formed while in high school — with the band’s founding members bonding over a shared love of glue and wild rock ‘n’ roll. And as the story goes, after spending several years drinking and loitering around their hometown’s basements, graveyards and packing lots, the members of the band honed their sound, recording their full-length debut over the course of 2014-2015 or so, with the material receiving attention for being furious, face-melting punk that drew from The Ramones, The Cramps, The Stooges, The MC5 and others with songs that focused on grave-robbing, necrophilia and other weird shit with a sneering sense of humor, and for developing a reputation for being infamous — or as the band once claimed that they were a “great band to clear a party.”

As the story goes, two weeks before the members of the band were to relocate to London, they went on an equally infamous national tour to support their debut, and the tour included a now, ill-fated show in a graveyard was canceled when the tour van’s engine exploded and a passing motorist collided with the band’s bassist, Nick Caveman. British record label Dirty Water Records are re-releasing the Auckland, New Zealand-based punk rockers debut album for release in Europe and elsewhere, and from album single “Stand By Your Ghoul,” the band’s sound is a filthy, troglodyte stomp, complete with layers of fuzzy power chords and howled lyrics. And honestly, every single time I’ve heard it, I keep thinking of how it would fit in the dank and dirty dive bars that I spent so much time in during my 20s and 30s.

Starring Florence D’Hay and The Cavemen, the video for “Stand by Your Ghoul” draws from 60s B movies — but with a ridiculous, tongue in cheek vibe, complete with zombies, graveyards and weird rituals.