New Video: Dorothy’s Ass-Kicking, Thanksgiving-Themed, New Video

Over the past 18 months or so, the Los Angeles-based quartet of Dorothy, named after their founding member and vocalist have become JOVM mainstays and have won national attention for a sound that possesses elements of riff-heavy late 60s and early 70s rock (in particular glam rock), old school Chicago and Detroit blues, hip-hop and soul with a gritty,  in-your-face, kick ass and take names swagger.

The quartet’s latest single “Raise Hell” may arguably be one of the bluesiest singles they’ve released to date as sonically the song pairs wailing harmonica, propulsive boom-bap inspired beats, buzzing power chords reminiscent of The Black Keys and Dirty Ghosts, and anthemic and infectious hooks with Dorothy’s sultry, powerhouse vocals.

The recently released video is fittingly Thanksgiving themed and it features the members of Dorothy showing up to a Thanksgiving diner, where it’s immediately apparent that they’re viewed as a the troublemaking black sheep of the family; in fact, the host makes it obvious with a sneering look on her face that Dorothy and her friends are unwanted. In short order, the members of the band instigate a raucous and cathartic food fight, which seems to release profound family and personal grudges. And holy shit, does it ever look like fun!