New Video: halfsour’s 120 Minutes-Channeling Visuals for “ik”

Initially, the Boston, MA-based indie rock trio halfsour began as a Guided By Voices cover band before they started writing their own original material. And as you’ll hear on “ik,” the latest single (and video) off the band’s soon-to-be released debut effort Tuesday Night Live manages to sound as though it draws influence from Robert Pollard, Pixies, The Breeders and 90s alt rock as the song is a quick, punchy song that pairs an infectious guitar-based melodies, a blistering, feedback heavy solo and bratty vocals. And as a result, their sound is warmly familiar as it channels 120 Minutes-era MTV alt rock — without coming across like mimicry.

Lyrically, the song’s narrator recognizes that a love interest is a liar — and that she’s in a situation that would be perfect for a song, if she were able to write a song in the first place. Oh, so meta and so ironic, and yet based in earnest, heartfelt emotion. Fittingly, the video reminds me of the music videos I spent my time obsessing over when I was a lonely and awkward teenager.