New Video: Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Kestrels Return with Another 90s Alt Rock-Channeling Single Paired with Slick Visuals

Earlier this year, I wrote about Kestrels, a Halifax, Nova Scotia-based indie rock/noise rock trio comprised of  Chad Peck (guitar/vocals), Devin Peck (bass) and Paul Brown (drums), who first emerged nationally across their native Canada and internationally as The Moon Is Shining Our Way EP‘s first single received regular radio airplay on  CBC Radio 3 and after touring with a number of renowned acts including  Speedy OrtizRingo DeathstarrBeliefs, and others. And with their recently released self-titled full-length’s first two singles “No Alternative,” an anthemic pedal effects-led, power chord-based track reminiscent of  Smashing PumpkinsSilversun PickupsMy Vitriol and “Waiting” a Brit Pop and shoegazer rock-leaning track reminiscent of the likes of RIDE and others, the Halifax-based indie rock trio revealed a songwriting approach and sound that was deeply inspired by the Moon Is Shining sessions.

Interestingly, the Canadian trio’s self-titled effort’s third and latest single “Descent of Their Last End” continues on a similar vein as “No Alternative,” as it’s an anthemic bit of buzzing shoegaze that sounds as though it could have been released in 1993. We’re talking about buzzing power chords, thundering drumming and a propulsive groove that you can mosh to in a sweaty club — but with a hint of what sounds like synths that act like bookends to the song.

The recently released video is comprised of a TV siting in a middle of an urban street, and a suburban back yard with projections of weird psychedelic-like footage in empty rooms, suburban yards and slick split screens.