New Video: Introducing the Dramatic and Moody Pop of Malta’s Berne

Influenced by the likes of Imogen Heap, Regina Spektor, Agnes Obel, and Marina and The Diamonds, Maltese singer/songwriter Berne initially began her career as the frontwoman of the acclaimed and award-winning act Bletchley Park, an act that twice topped the charts in her homeland. And with the release of her debut solo single “India,” Berne’s profile grew nationally, as the song was named Best Single Release of 2012 by The Sunday Times of Malta.

Berne’s long-awaited solo debut EP, Conversation is slated for a November 13 release, and as the Maltese singer/songwriter explains in press notes, the material on the EP “is about relatable situations that are seldom expressed in contemporary music. You will hear about a journey through one’s darkest moments that are vital for progress . . . ”

“Into The Woods,” the EP’s first single is an intimate, dark and aching song that delves deep into the broken and tortured psyche of its heartbroken narrator that features Berne’s aching and mournful vocals paired with gorgeous piano chords and ominously swirling electronics to create a song that possesses a dramatic Romanticism at its core. The narrator of the song could be a modern-day version of a Byronic hero — smart, talented and tortured.

The recently released official video is a cinematically shot video that features Berne wandering through moonlit forest with every rustle of leaves and strange noise seemingly being suspicious. And the video cuts to footage of Berne moodily playing the piano and singing the lyrics of the song in the same moonlit forest. Interestingly, the video manages to evoke Brothers Grimm fairy tales — and you almost expect the protagonist to meet a bloody end.