New Video: Introducing the Radio-Friendly Pop of Up-and-Coming Canadian Pop Artist Dani

Up-and-coming Canadian indie pop artist Dani is a classically trained pianist and vocalist, who grew up in a small Alberta Canada town and upon realizing that being in her small town wasn’t going to help expand her career, she relocated to Toronto, where she spent as much time as possible to develop her own sound. The Canadian pop artist began receiving some attention with the release of her debut single “Love U More,” earlier this year, and building upon the attention she’s received, the Toronto-based indie pop artist recently released her latest single “Cruel,” a slickly produced and radio-friendly pop song that’s reminiscent of Phoebe Ryan, CAPPA and others — while being deeply personal.

As Dani explained via email “‘Cruel’ is the follow up to my debut single ‘Love U More.’ The lyrics were not only intended for myself, but also for others who may have experienced the strange and disconnected feeling of being addicted. The feeling of wanting to make excuses for someone who you are aware, deep down, is influencing your life in a negative way. Every so often you will get this glimpse of beauty from them and you just want to feel and relive that moment again.” And as a result, the song possesses the realization that a great deal of our relationships leave us feeling a conflicting and confusing array of emotions, even in the best of circumstances.

Directed by Chad Rook, the recently released music video for “Cruel” continues the up-and-coming pop artist’s burgeoning reputation for accompanying her songs with cinematically shot, stylistic visuals that nod at commercials and art films.