New Video: Introducing the Spaghetti Western-tinged Sounds and Visuals of Bermuda Angels

Comprised of Ben “Bermuda’ Jones, who splits his time between Nashville, TN and 29 Palms, CA; and Sophie Kadow, who splits her time between 29 Palms, CA and New York, NY, the electro pop duo Bermuda Angels fell in love and wrote an album together, while living in a secret room in the East Nashville, TN-based music venue The East Room. Besides writing, recording and playing music, the duo are involved in a number of creative pursuits — Kadow is a painter, while Jones owns The East Room and focuses on a number of writing pursuits.

The duo’s self-titled album is slated for release on September 29, 2017 and the writing and creative process managed to be both fruitful and chaotic — creating while being romantic partners, moving across five different states (CA, NY, TN, WV and ME), recording in multiple makeshift studios including a taxidermy/oddities shop, two basements, a garage, a chain and two houses. And according to the duo’s Bermuda Jones, “the album was partly inspired by our surroundings and landscapes. We explored the extremes of the weather spectrum in the US and spent a winter in Maine on Mount Desert Island surrounded by snow and windstorms, and freezing cold, working on our sound. A few months later, we spent our summer in an adobe in the desert in Joshua Tree, CA in incredible heat, working on our sound some more.  You could literally fry an egg on a rock outside.

“We were also inspired by the excitement and turmoil of forming our relationship and planning our future together.  This seeped into the songs and overflowed throughout the album.  Developing our trust was important throughout the process and it comes in many forms.  Do I trust the other to follow through, to be honest to themselves and to me, to be faithful, to try his or her hardest, to create good music, to be understanding, to improve, to give support, and most importantly, to keep coming back. “

“On The Run,” their self-titled debut album’s latest single will further cement the duo’s growing reputation for crafting Spaghetti Western-tinged electro pop reminiscent of Betty Black and Daughn Gibson with a sultry yet cinematic vibe; but the song is under-pinned with a swooning romanticism, as the song (and video) as the duo’s Sophie Kadow explains is about being in love with Bermuda Jones” — and  in particular about being in love for the first time and allowing yourself to be both intimidated by love and vulnerable.