New Video: Introducing the Spectral Sounds and Gorgeous Visuals of Quebec’s Ghostly Kisses

Comprised of Margaux Sauvé and Dragos Chiriac, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada-based electro pop duo Ghostly Kisses specialize in a gorgeous and spectral electro pop that pairs Sauvé’s aching and tender vocals with Chiriac’s moody production consisting of gently swirling and ambient electronics, twinkling keys and subtly propulsive drumming to craft a sound that bears a resemblance to the likes of Brooklyn’s ACES, Junip and Jose Gonzalez. And as you’ll hear on the duo’s latest single “Roses,” their  material possesses a sincerity and thoughtfulness at its core.

As the duo’s Margaux Sauvé explained to me via email, “Roses” ” . . .” is mostly about wondering and questioning about goals and aspirations that do not really work out.” And as a result, the ethereal single also has a weighty sense of guilt and regret over the compromises that we have to make as adults.

The recently released music video features Ghostly Kisses’ Margaux Sauvé singing the song while an expressive modern dancer dances to the song — and interestingly enough, the dancer’s movements reveal the human body’s beauty and vulnerability.