New Video: Mervyn Shares Brooding and Intense “The Bomb”

After spending years writing and recording pop and rock music, French artist and producer Mervyn made a radical departure in his creative approach with the release of his debut EP Holod, a defiant cry of revolt against war and the unbearable violence of our world. While meshing several different genres and styles, the French producer created an uncompromising sound with a punk rock urgency and ethos.

The EP’s latest single “The Bomb” is a brooding, intense and uneasy bit of industrial electronica built around twitter and woofer rattling thump, dense layers of synth oscillations, eerie screaming, howled vocodered vocals and an eerie Nine Inch NailsCloser“-like coda. “The Bomb” evokes a desperate scream into an indifferent void.

The nightmarish accompanying video features some slickly edited incredibly eerie religious imagery, stock footage of dancers from the 20s and 30s. It’s fittingly creepy.