New Video: Monogem’s Breezy, 80s Synth Pop-Inspired “Wait and See”

Featuring singer/songwriter Jen Hirsh and producer/songwriter Scott Smith, electro pop project Monogem derives its name from a unique cosmic phenomenon — a Monogem Ring, the leftover glow of an supernova explosion. Interestingly, one of the largest monogem rings in the observable universe is located near the Gemini and Cancer constellations. Hirsh, who was born in late June has a birthday on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer — and as a result, Monogem had a very special meaning for Hirsh.

Over the past year or so, Monogem has received quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere for a sound that many of my fellow bloggers have compared to CHVRCHES and Solange — although the duo have publicly described their sound as “disco-tinged, California pool-party tunes” with elements of funk and soul. However you describe their sound, the duo’s self-titled debut was released earlier this year to critical praise among major media outlets and some of the major players across the blogosphere including Interview Magazine, Vice’s NOISEY, Elle Magazine, Indie Shuffle, Hillydilly, Earmilk and others, which has expanded their profile nationally.

The latest single “Wait and See” is a breezy and summery pop song comprised of gently cascading synths, subtly, skittering percussion, swirling electronics and Hirsh’s soaring vocals to craft a song that is reminiscent of the 80s-inspired synth sound of Haerts, St. Lucia and others, complete with soaring, anthemic hooks.

The official video follows a middle-aged music fan throughout his day, which interestingly enough includes an old-fashioned game of cee-lo on the street, before attending a Monogem show, and he winds up playing bass alongside the band. And the video ends with him dreamily looking at the Los Angeles skyline — must have been a good day.