New Video: Sexy Fights’ 80s Inspired Video for “Bending Light”

Comprised of Jordan Rose Brzezinski (vocals), Philip Shoemaker (synths, keys and guitar). Russell Augustin (guitar) and Bryan Hart (drums and samples), the Chicago, IL-based quartet Sexy Fights specialize in a slick, dance floor ready sound that draws from 80s synth pop and new wave; it’s warmly familiar but with a contemporary touch. Their latest single “Bending Light” pairs layers of cascading synths, four-on-the-floor drumming and enormous, anthemic hooks with Brzezinski’s sultry yet ethereal vocals to craft a song that sounds indebted to Nu Shooz‘s “I Can’t Wait,INXS‘ “Listen Like Thieves” and others.

The recently released music video follows Brzezinski starting her day — brushing her teeth, eating breakfast and fighting with a boyfriend. A quick cut later shows her listening to music and joyously dancing as she commutes to what eventually turns out to be a dead end job bartending someplace where everyone fucks with her left and right, until she gets fed up and fights back. Oh and there’s an electric slide sequence that’s goofy yet perfectly suited while revealing that the video is deeply indebted to 80s pop videos.