New Video: SLOWOLF’s Anthemic and Triumphant Collaboration with Kimbra

Copenhagen, Denmark-based jazz drummer, DJ and producer Andreas Asingh, best known as SLOWOLF has quickly developed a reputation for slick, genre defying production that meshes elements of hip-hop, R&B, alternative jazz, cosmic house and other genres — and as a result, his previous single “The Ring,” a collaboration featuring Pell received international praise form the likes of Pigeons & Planes and HotNewHipHop, as well as airplay on Huw Stephens’ and DJ Semtex’s BBC Radio 1 shows. His latest single “White Feathers” is a collaboration that features New Zealand-born vocalist Kimbra, who’s probably best known for her vocals in Gotye‘s smash-hit “Somebody That I Used To Know”  — and it has SLOWOLF pairing a slick and hyper contemporary production consisting of swaggering, tweeter and woofer rattling beats, twinkling and shimmering synths with Kimbra‘s soulful, pop belter vocals. Interestingly, SLOWOLF’s production manages to be dense yet spacious enough to let Kimbra’s vocals glide and run through the production unimpeded. Interestingly, as Kimbra explains in press notes “The song to me is about courage and rising from the ashes after times of pain,” and as a result the song possesses a rousingly triumphant, anthemic feel.

The recently released music video is a live performance video, shot on location in a Los Angeles-based hippie commune, and features the collaborators performing the song live for the first time. And as you can imagine, the song takes on a very different feel and tone performed live — in this case, the song has an even deeper triumphant feel.