New Video: The 80s Inspired Visuals and Sounds of Finland’s Beverly Girl

With the release of “Contagious” Finnish trio Beverly Girl have started to receive a bit of attention internationally for an electro pop/funk/R&B/freestyle sound that immediately channels nostalgic memories of the 80s — while simultaneously comparing quite favorably to a number of contemporary artists including Rush Midnight, St. Lucia, Dam-Funk and others but incredibly club friendly. Or simply put, a sleek production consisting of sinuous bass lines, shimmering cascades of synths and propulsive boom-bap drums are paired with sultry vocals and a ridiculously infectious hook.

According to an email the members of the trio sent me, the recently released music video for the song was shot in a Finnish casino features footage of the trio performing on stage with three local dancers, Antti Uimonen, Sara Europaeus, Tuula Turunen. The video manages to capture almost every pop video motif I could remember — and they do so in a charming and endearingly earnest fashion.