New Video: The 90s-Inspired Video for My Cruel Goro’s “Clash”

Comprised of Andrea Marashi (vocals, guitar and programming), Andrea Marcellini (bass) and Tommaso Adanti (drums), My Cruel Goro are an alt rock band that splits time between their native Italy and Reykjavik, Iceland, and with the release of their debut EP, the trio received international attention for an effort that possessed elements of 70s Brit rock, punk and 90s alt rock. “Clash,” the latest single off the band’s EP consists of anthemic and shout along worthy hooks, thunderous drumming, layers of buzzing guitars fed through distortion and effects pedals, and shouted lyrics, which gives the song a punk rock energy. It’s a familiar and radio-friendly formula but the Italian/Icelandic band do so with a clean, hyper modern sheen and an infectious energy.

The music video for the song has a dream-like and surreal logic as it initially follows a woman, who seems to be chased through a creepy forest and then quickly cuts away to the same woman writing a song in her bedroom. And she’s writing the song superimposed images of claymation figures arrive as well as other psychedelic and strange imagery — and it’s shot through hazy and psychedelic filters. Watching the video managed to remind me of watching videos on MTV back in the 90s.

Look for their sophomore effort slated for release this year.