New Video: The Atmospheric and Cinematic Sounds and Visuals of RF Shannon

Born and raised in the Pineywoods Region of East Texas, singer/songwriter Shane Renfro writes and records under the moniker of RF Shannon — and as RF Shannon, Renfro’s sonically specializes in sparse, atmospheric and lush sound that he has dubbed “desert blues” as its largely inspired by his current obsession with the Trans-Pecos region of West Texas — while also nodding towards classic country and Americana, and as you’ll hear on “Had A Revelation” off his Other Trails EP, the single thematically focuses on a lonely man morosely drifting about burdened by his own regrets, helplessness and thoughts under a vast and uncaring expanse of sky and blacktop. Sonically speaking, the song pairs Benfro’s plaintive falsetto croon fed through gentle amounts of reverb, with shimmering pedal steel, steady yet minimalist drumming to create a sound that nods at Caveman‘s shimmering, enveloping sound, psych rock and 70s singer/songwriter rock but with a moodily cinematic feel.

The recently released video follows Renfro throughout the course of a long day and night of lonely contemplation broken up by drinking at bars, dancing in strobe lit clubs, riding amusement park rides and playing with cows — and the one consistent thing is that the video’s protagonist is extremely lonely.