New Video: The Creepily Seductive New Video for Psychic Love’s “Nancy”


Psychic Love is the (mostly) solo recording project of Los Angeles-based Laura Peters, who occasionally collaborates with Erick Jordan. Reportedly inspired by the true crime series that constantly air on Investigation Discovery and other channels, Peters’ music project has developed a reputation both locally and nationally for being pioneers of a new genre, which she has dubbed dream grunge. Interestingly with Peters’ latest single “Nancy,” Peters has claimed that the song inspired by true crime shows’ unusual tendency to use pseudonyms; in fact, according to Peters, Nancy seems to be most commonly used female pseudonym whenever there is a reenactment of a crime or a court case.

Sonically, the song pairs shimmering psych rock-like keys, propulsive drumming, twangy and bluesy guitar chords with Peters’ sultry and menacing narrator singing lyrics that vaguely seem like threats, recriminations and a sexually charged come on (simultaneously, no less), as the narrator tells the listener that “things can be better/things can be worse . . .” and that she’s “coming for you /I’m coming for you now.” It shouldn’t be surprising that the song was so deeply inspired by Investigation Discovery programming as it evokes a slowly unfolding and uneasy dread and horror — while subtly nodding at Nancy Sinatra.

The recently released music video emphasizes the song’s sense of dread and horror as it focuses on Peters with tight close ups singing the song and appearing as though she had completely lost her tenuous grip on reality. It’s creepy as hell yet seductive.