New Video: The Existential Howl of Stockholm Sweden’s Black Dough

Since their formation in 2013, and the release of their debut EP first punch! the Stockholm Sweden-based quartet Black Dough — comprised of Miranda Raeder (vocals, guitar and primary songwriter/composer), William Soovik (drums),  Elias Hällqvist (bass) and Erik Borman (guitar, saxophone, synth, noise) — have developed a reputation across Scandinavia and the European Union for a genre-defying sound that has been described by several critics and media outlets as voodoo rock, jazz punk and skronk jazz with a punk rock energy and aesthetic and evoking PJ Harvey tinged with Bjork, but with the Swedish quartet’s soon-to-be released full-length effort Freaky Family, the band’s frontwoman and primary songwriter has openly decided to describe their sound as experimental rock. Regardless of how exactly you describe their sound, Freaky Family‘s latest single, the slow-burning and atmospheric “Here We Go” will cement the Swedish quartet’s growing reputation for being uncompromisingly difficult to pigeonhole; however, the song reveals a streamlined, almost minimalist approach in which it’s made apparent that the band is drawing from psych rock art rock, noise rock and alt rock in a way that’s reminiscent of The Church‘s Priest = Aura, Forget Yourself and Untitled #23 but with an aching vulnerability underneath its dissonant sound.

The recently released video for the song features a similarly minimalist approach as it features the band’s Raeder with her face in silver paint, shot in an extreme, almost uneasy close up in a sparsely lit room, full of smoke machine singing the song. Seemingly meant to evoke an existential howl into the void, the video also forces the viewer into the same emotional space of the song.











Black Dough was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden back in 2013 – and shortly upon that the four piece recorded their debut EP, ”first punch!”. Since then Black Dough has been playing constantly, visiting clubs and festivals all over the world – from Dublin, Ireland to Rabat, Morocco. Sporting a sound hard to define, the experimental unit has been called everything from jazz punk to voodoo rock. With the release of ”Freaky Family”, the band’s new full length album due to May 2017, Miranda Raeder – front person and composer – decides to label it experimental rock. Beautiful, dissonant, heavy and dirty.
Black Dough:

Miranda Raeder (vocals, guitars)
William Soovik (drums)
Elias Hällqvist (bass)
Erik Boman (guitars, saxophone, synth, noise)