New Video: The Fight Club Meets Art School Visuals for Ultrviolence’s “Radiation”

Comprised of Nate J. (vocals, bass), Ali Abbas (guitar) and Kirk Power (drums), Calgary, AB-based indie rock/darkwave/New Wave/post-punk trio Ultrviolence have quickly developed a reputation for a moody post-punk sound that sounds indebted to Joy Division, Interpol, Viet Cong and others, for adhering to old-school DIY principles that frequently ignore the clichés and dictates of the recording industry machine — and in a relatively short time, the Calgary-based trio have become a JOVM mainstay.

Earlier this year, I wrote about “Better Learn How to Swim,” a moody and swooning Romantic song off their Black Sea EP that manages to be reminiscent of Turn On The Bright Lights-era Interpol — in particular, I think of “Untitled,” “NYC” and “Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down” — as the band pairs a sinuous bass line, angular and shimmering guitar chords and an dramatic, anthemic hook with Nate J’s aching baritone. Black Sea’s latest single “Radiation” will further cement the Canadian trio’s burgeoning reputation for crating dark and moody post-punk/New Wave/darkwave-leaning rock while gently expanding upon the sound that initially captured my attention as the band pairs Nate J’s expressive and yearning baritone with ethereal synths, shimmering guitar chords played through copious reverb, and a driving rhythm consisting of four-on-the-floor drumming and propulsive bass chords. Much like the EP’s previously released singles, the EP’s latest single is reveals a subtle twist and refinement on a familiar sound.

The recently released music video is an aptly noir-ish video that features the awesomely casual destruction of an old cathode ray TV, some bad ass dudes swinging sledgehammers, brandishing knives, fighting each other and posing about; in some way, the video reminds me of a fashion forward jeans ad mixed with Fight Club.