New Video: The Gorgeously Swooning Sounds and Visuals of Lady Low’s Latest Single “You and I”

Comprised of founding member Jimmy Sweet (guitar, vocals), who as once a member of the San Francisco, CA-based punk band Richmond Sluts and a touring member of Hot Hot Heat, Rachel Maxann (vocals, synth and bass), Eden Lee (vocals, drums), Kaitlin Wolfberg (violin) and Hannah Blumenfeld (violin) Los Angeles-based quintet Lady Low have become JOVM mainstays over the course of the past year as they specialize in a sound that they’ve aptly dubbed “Romance rock,” which has the band combining old-school, three chord, 12-bar blues rock ‘n’ roll with lush string arrangements; sonically speaking, their material manages to be gritty and yet swooningly dramatic — and in a way that subtly channels Phil Spector’s classic  and beloved “Wall of Sound” production.

Lady Low’s latest single “You and I” much like their most recent releases will further cement the band’s growing reputation for crating swooningly dramatic material that trembles and burns with passion — all while evoking the complex, contradictory and confusing array of emotions and thoughts that love and being in love bring out.  The Los Angeles-based quintet’s latest single evokes the sweet, urgency of a new love, complete with the hopes, excitement, fears and self-doubts that come about as you learn about a person, how they think and operate, and as you learn to speak and act in shorthand.

Directed by Simon Cardoza and shot in a gorgeously cinematic black and white, in and around downtown Los Angeles, the recently released video for “You and I” follows an ridiculously adorable young couple, who are joyously, stupidly, goofily in love — and the sort of love where their entire world is comprised of just them. Certainly, in this couple you should see something of yourself  — perhaps when you were less jaded and had seemingly less emotional and personal baggage and when things seemed less complicated and conflicted.