New Video: The Hallucinatory Visuals for Beat Escape’s “Seeing Is Forgetting”

Although they’ve cloaked themselves in varying degrees of mystery, the Montreal-based DJ and production duo Beat Escape have received attention across the blogosphere for a moodily atmospheric sound consisting of cascading layers of shimmering synths, swirling electronics, shimmering guitar chords and ethereal vocals paired with a propulsive, motorik-like groove as you’ll hear on “Seeing Is Forgetting.” And while evoking waking from a particularly vivid dream, in which reality and your dreams are hopelessly blurred, the song also manages to draw from 80s synth pop and contemporary dream pop simultaneously.

Created and directed by Sabrina Ratte, a video artist, who creates virtual environments using analog technologies, the video possesses a hallucinatory feel that’s punctuated by bursts of static. As Ratte explains in press notes “. . . the video was created using analog video tools and techniques, mixed with digital textures and 3D architectures. While depicting hallucinated landscapes, illuminated by electrical discharges, the timeless abstract environments undergo a metamorphosis, evolving in sync with the song’s hypnotic energy.”