New Video: The Mischievously Post-Modern Sounds and Visuals of NVDES’ “The Other Side”

Formed by its creative mastermind, producer and performer Josh Ocean and featuring a number of collaborators and friends, NVDES is a collective whose sound and aesthetic are informed by New Wave, New York’s No Wave scene of the 80s and the film Downtown ’81, the collective has quickly received praise across the blogosphere with the release of “Fela,” “Unforgettable” and “Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor;” in fact, the collective’s first three singles have burned up Hype Machine‘s and Spotify‘s Viral charts, as well as receiving nods from Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist.

As the collective’s Josh Ocean told the folks at The Fader, “‘The Other Side’ is based on a fling with a girl, who liked to dress me up in some of her clothes before we would hook up. This song is an attempt to capture the strange and fun that went along with it.”  And interestingly enough, the collective pairs a kinky sense of experimentation and exploration with a slinkily sensual and infectious hook comprised of angular post-punk guitar and bass chords, handclap and cowbell-led percussion paired with shouted and chanted lyrics in a breezy, dance floor-leaning, early summertime jam. Structurally, the song eschews easily recognizable song structures — although hook-laden, there really isn’t an easily discernible verse or chorus — for a driving groove that’s reminiscent of DFA Records’ early sound.

The recently released text and Snapchat-inspired music video for “The Other Side” features a cross dressing man and a shitload of colorful emojis that add a mischievously post-modern air to the song.