New Video: The Psychedelic Imagery and Brian Eno Channeling Sound of Los Angeles’ Stefan Weich

Los Angeles, CA-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stefan Weich specializes in a dreamy exploration of traditional music structures, alternate guitar tunings and analog synthesizers under a number of monikers, including Das Bowls, Chicle, Couch Baby and others; however, his forthcoming effort, Granite Prism is Weich’s solo debut and first album under his own name — and the album thematically explore the songwriter’s feelings of loneliness, aimlessness and his search for love and acceptance in a large, modern metropolis. And as you’ll hear on “Holy Nights,” the first single off Granite Prism, Weich pairs his plaintive falsetto croon with dreamily ambient synths, soft padded drumming and gently strummed guitar in a deliberate and carefully crafted song that sounds indebted to Brian Eno but with a plaintive yearning at its core.

The recently released music video is comprised of dreamy and psychedelic imagery presented through kaleidoscopic filters and split screens, which elaborates the dreamy and wistful sensation at the core of the song.