New Video: The Psychedelic Sounds and Visuals of Teenage Ghost’s “Apocalypse Times”

Comprised of Brendan O’Connor (vocals, guitar) , Michael Theis (bass) and Chris Wahlfeldt (drums),  shoegaze/drone rock act Teenage Ghosts‘ latest effort, the 5 track EP Revelations can trace its origins to when during a chance visit to the States, O’Connor took the opportunity to record some new material with Thies. After the guitar parts were recorded, Wahlfeldt recorded drums parts in Champaign, IL — while vocals and synths were recorded in NYC. The EP’s slow-burning first single “Apocalypse Times” features ethereal synths and vocals bubble up and float over a thick and murky mix consisting of layers upon layers of guitars and a persistent rhythm section in a song that walks a careful tightrope between the gorgeous shoegaze of the likes of Ride, Slowdive and The Verve and the moody drone of Directions to See a Ghost-era The Black Angels and the Silber Media roster.

The recently released animated music video is appropriately psychedelic and consists of frequently moving and morphing geometric shapes that are meant to evoke interstellar travel and traveling at the subatomic level — and it does so in a mind-altering fashion.









During a chance visit to the states, Teenage Ghosts guitarist, Brendan O’Connor, took the opportunity to track a few new riffs with the band’s bass player, Michael Thies. After the foundations had been laid down, Chris Wahlfeldt contributed new beats from Champaign while vocals and synths were filled out in NYC. The result is Revelations, a 5-track EP of droned out, hypnotic, punk-gaze.