New Video: The Raw and Bluesy Sound of London’s The Boy From The Crowd

Comprised of Vinny Piana (guitar and vocals) and Vegas Ivy (drums and percussion), the London-based duo The Boy From The Crowd have developed a reputation across the UK for a sound that draws from a rather eclectic and diverse array of influences including Robert Johnson, Jon Spencer and punk rock — with a raw, primal energy.

“All I Need,” the raw and blistering latest single from the duo’s latest effort, Where The Bees Come To Die consists of bluesy power chords, propulsive drumming and howled lyrics, and in some way, I’m personally reminded of The Amazing Snakeheads, who also specialized in a very similar sound that bridges old school blues, punk and garage rock. It’s the sound of shitty whiskey bars and grimy dive bars, where lonely patrons drink away their heartache.

The recently released official video has a pretty simple concept — the duo performing the song in a living room but at points the footage is spliced with some artistically shot footage of a plastic dancer on top of a music box and of a child bathed in neon light . . .