New Video: The Shimmering, Dance Pop Sound of LEGS’ New Single, “Hide and Seek”

If you’ve been frequenting JOVM over the past couple of months, you’d likely have come across a couple of posts on the Brooklyn-based indie electro pop quintet LEGS. Originally formed in Seattle in 2013, the quintet received attention when “So Obvious” off their self-titled EP was featured in the 2014 rom-com Obvious Child, which starred Jenny Slate and David Cross.

Altitud, the Brooklyn-based band’s debut effort was produced by Nick Stumpf, who’s best known for his work with Caveman and Coke Weed, and was released earlier this year, with some of the earlier singles receiving praise not just here but across the atmosphere for a shimmering and angular dance pop track that sounded as though it drew influence from Fear of Music and Remain In Light-era Talking Heads — but with an upbeat, playful air, while the album’s second single “Jungle” bears an even deeper resemblance to The Talking Heads, as the song possess an underlying neurotic anxiety and a dance floor-ready slickness.

Altitud’s latest single “Hide and Seek”  is comprised of the sort of angular bass and guitar chord and shimmering synths that you’d expect from The Talking Heads and an infectious hook that’s wrapped around a mischievous sense of melody — but interestingly, the song manages to subtly nod at house music, as the song has a bridge of comprised of thick but choppy synth stabs. And much like the previously released singles there’s an underlying, nervous anxiety that seems to come about when you put your heart on the line, and allow yourself to be vulnerable, knowing that your heart can be broken — sometimes carelessly so.

The recently released official video follows a little boy, who stumbles upon what appears to be an enormous Rubix cube, in which the members of LEGS perform the song, sometimes accompanied by a bunch of friends partying with them, and it seems like a helluva lot of fun.