New Video: The Striking and Sensual Visuals for Ozteki’s “True Love”

Comprised of cousins Mike Sharp (vocals, guitar) and Joel Roberts (synth, percussion, programming), the London, UK-based electro pop duo Ozteki have received attention across the UK and elsewhere with the release of singles “Touch,” “Already Dead” and “Falling Out,” which revealed that the duo specializes is sleek, percussive, modern electro pop that conveys a complex and paradoxical array of emotions with an almost novelistic attention to psychological detail; in fact, the duo’s latest single “True Love” is based around facing up to the darker aspects of humanity and confronting them with non-idealistic (and selfless) love — and while being a remarkably sultry and sensual song, it simultaneously possesses an underlying swooning vulnerability and anxiousness.

Directed by Christian Cargill and Will Farrell, the recently released video features Otzeki’s Mike Sharp in an eerie and strikingly vulnerable one-take performance of the track that sees Ozteki’s frontman performing the song while lying down; throughout his strained and deeply emotional performance, Sharp’s features gradually become distorted, as a way to mirror the song’s themes — and as the duo explains, the visuals delve the viewer into a pained and revealing world of what is, in their own words, “a dark-hued hymn of love and euphoria.”