New Video: The Surreal and Feverish Visuals for Becca Richardson’s “Wanted”

As a mixed-race daughter in middle America — small town Ohio to be precise — the Nashville, TN-based singer/songwriter Becca Richardson has always lived with the surrounding questions of what it means to belong and connect with others, and because she grew up with the constant reminder of being different than her counterparts, she found an immediate connection through music; in fact, she grew up in a rather musical home in which Fleetwood Mac, Phoebe Snow and Cat Stevens were on heavy rotation in her home.  After learning piano, guitar and to sing, she discovered a deep passion for songwriting, which still manages to be a powerful tool for discovering herself and carving out a space in the world.

As a young adult, Richardson went to study at Stanford University while honing her overall sound and songwriting approach. After spending a few years playing and hustling in the Bay Area music scene, Richardson relocated to Nashville, where she began work on her Roger Moutenot and Courtney Little-produced full-length debut We Are Gathered Here. “Wanted,” the album’s lead single, thematically explores womanhood, otherness and autonomy — but in a way that captures the innermost thoughts and desires and anxieties of a modern, independent, woman; the sort of woman you’ve befriended, admired, dated, is a coworker or your neighbor.

Sonically speaking, the song features a slick yet ambient-like production consisting of shimmering synths, a sinuous bass line and a soaring hook paired with Richardson’s coolly self-assured and sultry vocals in a single that’s both incredibly crafted and radio friendly; but Richardson lyrically sets herself from her contemporaries as the song possesses an unvarnished, frankness — the sort of frankness that comes from deeply lived-in experience.

The recently released video possesses a surreal, dream-like logic, complete with haunting visuals that hint at the occult and bizarre ritualistic behavior. But underneath the feverish pitch of the proceedings, the video pulsates with an undeniable sensuality.