New Video: The Trippy Spaced-Out Visuals for The Landing’s “Then Comes The Wonder”

With the release of the critically applauded We Are EP, the mysterious Brooklyn-based solo electro pop recording artist The Landing exploded into the blogosphere for a genre-bending sound that the artist has dubbed “space-pop” — and for material that thematically focuses on contemplating the essence and meaning of life.

EP single “Then Comes The Wonder” pairs soul clap-led percussion, layers of shimmering synths, a sinuous bass line, and sharp and inferiors hooks with The Landing’s ethereal coos to create a propulsive and radio friendly pop song that possesses a trippy, cosmic glow, as well as a childlike sense of wonder. But at its core is something much more serious as the song contemplates the difference between one’s identity and what they ideally want to be — and of course, how difficult it is to reconcile the difference between the two.

Check out the equally trippy and mind-expanding official video which features someone, who presumably is The Landing singing and dancing along cloaked in darkness and multicolored lights. A variety of dancers dance expressively to the song in a similar circumstance — at one point you see a creative use of fades and kaleidoscopic filters to emphasize the song’s cosmic glow.