New Video: The Trippy Visuals for Miami-based Electro Pop Duo Eons’ Latest Single “All The Time”

Comprised of Johnny D (vocals, guitar and keyboards) and Matty G (keyboards, sampling and vocals), the Miami, FL-based indie elector pop duo EONS have received praise from the likes of  Huffington Post and others for a lush and ethereal, retro futurist pop sound that clearly draws from the likes of 80s synth pop, the Cascine Records roster and Chromeo. The electro pop duo’s latest single “All The Time” off their sophomore EP Serene Machine pairs layers of undulating synths, a sinuous bass line, hand claps, skittering drum programming and a slickly catchy hook with vocals fed through layers of vocoder and distortion — all while possessing a summery breeziness that feels necessary this time of year.

The recently released music video for “All The Time” follows a bunch of cool and beautiful young people living in the very moment at a rooftop pool party shot with a trippy and serene, cosmic glow. Fittingly, the video manages to evoke the song’s infectious optimism as both the video and the song focus on that glorious feeling of joy while on the dance floor — and looking over at that pretty young thing and being desperately in love. As the duo’s Johnny D explains “This video represents how our lives should be 100% of our existence, doing whatever makes you happy all the time. Doing constantly whatever you want, whether it be spending time with friends, going out partying, living life to the fullest.”