New Video: The Wistful and Trippy Visuals for Gosh Pith’s “Scoop”

Over the course of the past 18 months or so, Detroit, MI-based duo Gosh Pith have become JOVM mainstays while gaining a rapidly growing national profile for a sound that possesses elements of hip-hop, electro pop, stoner rock, indie rock, dub, trap music, drum ‘n’ bass and other genres — and for a songwriting approach that generally focused on capturing and evoking a specific feeling or sensation, rather than a concrete narrative. And if you’ve been frequenting this site over that same period of time, the prolific duo have been experimenting with their sound and songwriting approach with their sound becoming warmer and much more R&B and rock-leaning with guitar taking as much as a role as their slick, contemporary electronic production.

The duo’s latest single “Scoop” possesses elements of dub, R&B and indie rock as a persistent and throbbing bass line is paired with densely layered vocals, warm and explosive blasts of psych rock and blues-inspired guitar chords, skittering and reverberating beats and wistful and melancholy vocals as the song’s narrator reminisces about a relationship that has just ended — and although it was clearly imperfect and confusing. there’s a sense of regret over something that has irrevocably changed and has become part of the narrator’s past.  Certainly, even when you’re young(er) there’s a sense of time flying by — of relationships starting, changing and ending, often in ways you can’t quite comprehend.

Directed and shot by in one extremely long take by Jay Curtis Miller and Corinne Wiseman, the video follows the duo as they both wander around meeting, greeting and drinking at a party; however, despite the revelry, there’s a sense of something being off; that in fact, the revelry is an excuse to forget about one’s crippling heartache, and it’s not quite working because everything around you reminds you of your past.