New Video: Triple Hex Returns with Sleazy Visuals for Their New Single “Dead Stars”

Founded by Dave Tudi (guitar, vocals), Brooklyn-based act Triple Hex have developed a reputation for a decadently sleazy, gritty, late night drugs, drink and sex-based rock sound that seems to draw heavily from the likes of The Stooges, Iggy Pop and others, and for subtly experimenting with their sound throughout their recorded output. Now, if you’ve been frequenting this site over the course of its six year history, you might recall that I’ve written about Tudi and Triple Hex in the past; however, it’s been three years or so since I’ve last written about them . . .

2016 will mark the release of the band’s Bust For Life and the album reportedly is influenced by Bauhaus, 70s NYC-based rock and Factory Records among others — and as you’ll hear on “Dead Stars,” Bust For Life‘s first single pairs Tudi’s off-kilter, baritone crooning with gently undulating synths, a shuffling yet propulsive rhythm, buzzing and chugging guitar chords in a gloomy and nihilistic song that captures and evokes the general zeitgeist of the nightlife scene, suggesting that underneath the glamour, grime, sleaze, drugs, drink and sex is most often a painful and aching loneliness — while celebrating individuality and strangeness.

Directed by Violet Shuraka, the recently released video for “Dead Stars” was filmed in New York, London and Dublin and it captures the neon lights, temptations and decadence of nightlife — and no matter where you go, it’s pretty much the same.