New Video: Yip Roc Returns with a Drug Addled and Frenetic Single and Visuals


Earlier this year, I wrote about the rapidly rising Amsterdam-based indie rock act Yip Roc —  Jorn ten Ham (guitar, vocals), Chrissie Quast (keys), Milan Hartsuiker (bass) and Kasper de Boer (drums) — and as you may recall, the quartet over the past couple of years have cut their teeth and honed their sound by playing over 100 shows in and around The Netherlands. They’ve released a string of singles that have been critically applauded by Dutch media outlets for their explosive energy and unique use of organ within their material. Building upon a growing profile in their homeland, the rapidly rising Dutch band are ambitiously setting their sights on a larger profile outside of their homeland with the release of their highly-anticipated debut EP 15 slated for release later this year.

Zubra,” 15 EP‘s first single was a furious and breakneck, mosh pit friendly ripper centered around angular power chords, arpeggiated organs and howled vocals that managed to be a tale of a frustrated, desperate lonely and sexually unfulfilled narrator, full of self-doubt, self-loathing and confusion. “K-Hole,” the EP’s second and latest single begins with a syrupy and sedated intro before quickly turning into a frenetic and tense track centered around angular guitars, punchily delivered vocals and wild organ arpeggios. And while continuing a run of mosh pit friendly rippers, the track finds the single finds the band comparing the effects of taking horse tranquilizers to the effects of a terrible and dysfunctional relationship — in other words, a surreal, mind-fuck in which you’re not quite sure if you’re recover.

The recently released video continues an ongoing collaboration with production unit HACHE — and it’s a frenetic, quick cut, VHS-filmed, drug-addled mayhem that ends like all drug and boozed-fueled nights do: eating greasy and fatty food.