Nick Murphy, is a Melbourne, Australia-based singer/songwriter/producer who writes, performs and records under the moniker of Chet Faker. And as Chet Faker, Murphy has won the attention of the press in his homeland, the blogosphere and the international press for a soulful, electronic based sound that bears some resemblance to the likes of D’Angelo — and believe it or not, Hall and Oates. And interestingly enough, Murphy’s most recent collaboration with the Delmarva Peninsula-based emcee Goldlink revealed that Murphy was an unapologetic perfectionist, who has the ability to craft a slick and catchy hook that’s sincere, soulful and downright sexy. 

Murphy’s full-length debut as Chet Faker, Built on Glass released earlier this year may arguably put Murphy on the international map as an artist to pay attention to — in particular, “Gold,” the latest single possesses elements of hip-hop, contemporary R&B and soul, jazz, and the blues paired with an eerily moody soundscape comprised of swirling electronics, flashes of cymbals, four on the floor drums, keyboards, handclaps and Murphy’s plaintively crooned lyrics about a lover who has left the song’s narrator desperate, confused and anxious. 

Murphy was recently on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live and performed “Gold” live, and he live version is a much warmer, looser rendition that still captures the anxious tension within the heart of the song.