Okay, so I think that the Glasgow, Scotland, UK-based trio, the Amazing Snakeheads may well be one the best new bands this year in my opinion as the band’s forthcoming album Amphetamine Ballads is the soundtrack to the desperate, bruised, broken and lonely souls in the darkened corners of nightclubs, dimly lit, smoke-filled, seedy bars and alleyways, and the recesses of the human heart. On the previously mentioned “Flatlining” and on the band’s second single from the album “Here It Comes Again,” the band manages to evoke a visceral sense of danger and unpredictability with an incredibly badass swagger. And it helps that their sound is generally comprised of ragged guitar and bass chords and a vocalist who sings his lyrics with an snarl that sounds as though his vocal chords had been dipped in acid, whiskey and burned with cigarette butts.