One of the great things about running this site is the fact that on a daily basis I’m introduced to a variety of music and artists on a daily basis. Yesterday, I received an email from a Los Angeles, CA-based duo by the name of Freedom Fry. Comprised of French songwriter Marie Seyrat and the Michigan-born Bruce Driscoll. 

Since forming Freedom Fry back in 2011, the duo have self-recorded and self-released three EPs and a collection of singles. And although they’ve had a very DIY approach, Seyrat and Driscoll have had their work praised by a variety of influencers and media outlets including iTunes’ New and Noteworthy,  Filter Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Glamour, KRCW, MTV, BBC Radio 6, SIRIUS XM, KEXP, KCSN, and others. Their recently release Friends and Enemies EP hit #14 on FMQB singles chart and #200 on the Billboard list. 

After the release of the Friends and Enemies EP, Seyrat and Driscoll built a home studio and then wrote and recorded an album’s worth of material which they intend to release over the next few months. And once you hear their latest single “The Wilder Mile” off their forthcoming The Wilder Mile EP, you’ll see why they’ve received so much attention – the song manages to further cement the duo’s reputation for crafting melodic indie pop with winsome boy-girl harmonies and even catchier hooks. The track manages to be sweet and summery and yet just underneath the surface it’s bittersweet in a fashion that is reminiscent of the Smiths, Belle and Sebastian and others but with a slight twanginess.