Originally formed in 1999 and currently featuring Jenny Holyston (vocals, guitar, trumpet and keyboards), Ellie Erickson (bass) and Bianca Sparta (drums), the San Francisco, CA-based post-punk trio of Erase Errata have frequently claimed bands such as Captain Beefheart, The Minutemen, and The Fall as influences; in fact, that shouldn’t be terribly surprising as the Bay Area-based trio have developed a reputation for writing songs that clock in at 60 seconds or less, and for a heady improvisation. 

And after a four-year hiatus, the Bay Area-based trio will be releasing their fourth full length effort, Lost Weekend, which is slated for a January 20 release through the band’s own label, Under the Sun Records. “My Life In Shadows” is the first single off the forthcoming album, and the song is comprised of angular guitar chords played through gentle washes of reverb, an undulating bass line and frenetically paced drumming paired with dreamily distracted vocals. From the first single, it’s apparent that the members of Erase Errata have gone through some rather profound artistic growth, as it may arguably be one of the more meatier and heftier songs they’ve released. It also manages to bear an uncanny resemblance to another great Bay Area band that busted up before they were ever able to achieve more fame, The Mallard but with an ethereal and playful air.