Originally from Bega in New South Wales, Australia pop artist, KIT has developed a reputation across her native country for a vocal styling that has been described as a mix of Adele and Aretha Franklin. Granted, those lofty comparisons are arguable but as you’ll hear on the Australian pop artist’s debut single “Goodbye,” KIT possesses an effortlessly soulful voice backed by a rather contemporary arrangement – piano, persistent and propulsive drumming and gently swirling electronics. 

Lyrically, the song deals with a familiar subject to pop music – the dull ache of a last, whispered conversation before you part from a lover, perhaps forever. At the same time, the song’s narrator reveals quite a bit of resilience, as she reminds her lover that they had lied to her one too many times, and that they need to tell her the truth once and for all. Certainly, for many of us, who have had to tell someone off in a similar fashion, the song will feel familiar and as a reminder of our own resilience,