Originally hailing from the Midwest – Bloomington, IN  and Chicago, IL – and currently based in Brooklyn, Dave Fischoff’s professional musical career began with him as a singer/songwriter whose earliest efforts were released through the indie label, Secretly Canadian. Sonically, his work incorporated bits of “jettison tape,” which Fischoff refers to his old habit of scouring cassette bins in thrift stores for old tapes. “A lot of what I found were recorded bits of other people’s lives – audio letter exchanges, little kids singing . . personal relics on tape that were moving to hear, but also a little eerie since they were lost or thrown away,” Fischoff explains. And naturally, many of those lost sounds wound up being incorporated into his early efforts. 

In 2009, Fischoff left the Midwest for New York to pursue work as a film composer. Writing music for film taught him to work with restraint and on a purely instrumental basis, and he quickly racked up composition credits for short films, documentaries and web-based media. Interestingly, he was also remixing the work of artists such as the RZA, Jens Lekman and others, and DJing under the moniker Spoolwork (which coincidentally deepened his interest in both electronic music and hip-hop).

Now writing, recording and performing under the moniker of Jettison Tapes, Fischoff has found a way to mesh elements of his musical past with what he’s been working on for the past few years, and the result is his debut album, Second Sleep, which is available as a pay as you wish download on his Bandcamp – http://jettisontape.bandcamp.com.

“Stumbling Art” is one of Second Sleep’s initial singles, and the track, which is unsurprisingly cinematic manages to twist, turn and unfurl towards the listener, revealing a eerie, unsettling undertone, thanks to the twinkling piano chords, and swirling and buzzing electronics.