New Audio: Wolkoff’s “Curve Appeal” May Arguably Be Joanie Wolkoff’s Most Seductive Track to Date

Originally known for her work in electro pop projects such as Her Habits, Gemology and others, Joanie Wolkoff has struck out on her own this year with her solo recording project, Wolkoff. And so far, 2015 has been a rather big year for the Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based artist, as she’s collaborated with The Hood Internet on a recently released single that blew up the blogosphere, “Going Back.”

Wolkoff’s previously released work managed to channel the contemporary electro pop sound of acts like Beacon, Seoul and others – i.e., eerily sparse and icy productions paired with plaintive vocals; however, her solo debut Talismans, produced by up-and-coming producer Icarus Moth reveals a painterly approach. Pay close attention, and you’ll hear a lush and deeply textured sound that naturally draws from electro pop but also draws from world dance music and uses medieval instrumentation. On Talismans’ first single “Curve Appeal,” you’ll hear swirling electronics paired with what sounds like looped, twinkling lute chords, propulsive drum beats and Wolkoff’s seductive coo in what arguably may be the most seductive song the artist has released to date.