Over the last year or so, I’ve become a fan of the Brown Bag AllStars, so when I come across news of new material from any of the members of the crew, I have to admit I get a bit excited. As individuals and as a collective, few crews these days are as prolific and as consistent as these guys. Last year Koncept released his debut album Awaken and it had a number of stand out tracks. His forthcoming follow up album, Malt DIsney will see a February 26th release, and practically a year to the day of the release of his debut, Koncept released Malt Disney’s first single, “Give It Up” which features Reks

On this track both REKS and Koncept not only show how they’ve grown as artists on this track, they sound more invigorated, more purposeful than ever – in some sense they feed off each other’s energy in a way that suggests true simpatico, and off the track’s big roomy beats. It’s yet another example of real hip hop and it reminds me so much of the great hip hop music of my youth.