Over the last year or so, I’ve been receiving an increasing amount of emails from artists and PR firms from all over the world, which interestingly enough makes the mission of covering music regardless of genre or country of origin a little bit easier. I recently heard from the Gothenburg, Sweden-based punk band the LaDIDas. But for a punk band, their sound is unusual as they’re heavily influenced by the Dadaist movement – you’ll hear singing saws, melodica and stylophone in addition to the normal punk rock arrangements of guitar, bass and drums. It gives the band’s sound a layer of nuance that’s uncommon for most punk. 

Several blogs across Europe have compared the Gothenburg-based outfit to the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (their Is Is EP and Fever to Tell in particular) and honestly, I can see where they came up with it. The band’s lead vocalist Britta Bea Persson conveys a bratty, in your face girlishness with a sultry seductiveness and the band plays with a frenetic energy. 

“Breeding” is one of my favorite songs off their recently released self-titled debut, and the song is a noisy, blistering stomp of a song with playful melodies thrown in for good measure. Listening to the song will likely make you want to jump and stomp around like an idiot.