Pfarmers is a trio comprised of Danny Seim (a member of Menomena and of Lacktherof), Bryan Devendorf (The National) and Dave Nelson (a member of the David Byrne and St. Vincent touring band and Sufjan Stevens, and the trio can trace their origins to when The National and the Menomena toured together in the early 2000s. As you can imagine, Seim and Devendorf’s paths crossed multiple times and they quickly became friends. Interestingly, Seim and Devendorf recently ran into each other during a festival where their primary projects were playing, and Devendorf showed Seim some severely damaged synth-affected drumbeats with Nelson, who at the time, was playing horns in David Byrne’s band. Seim was so intrigued that their latest project together, Pfarmers started shortly after. 

According to Seim, the band’s debut effort, Gunnera, slated for a May 12 release “is about a dream I had where i’m reluctantly accepting a fear of drowning by focusing on being reincarnated as a giant Gunnera plant, which thrive on the banks of rivers (specifically the Jordan River, i.e. the Biblical promised land), after I paint myself gold and sink to the bottom like the El Dorado of South American folklore. Gunnera’s first single, “The Ol’ River Gang” is a moodily atmospheric track comprised of horns, hard-hitting electronic beats and ethereal vocals. Listen to the track with a good pair of headphones – it’s a feverish dream of a song that undulates and disputes before you like smoke.