Philadelphia, PA-based songwriter Quinten Stolzfus started the last decade writing and performing under the moniker Mazarin. And as Mazarin, Stolzfus wrote, recorded and performed a hazy, psychedelic sort of folk tinged pop music – his sound had then been compared to the Shins. With the backing of several members of the Walkmen, Stoltzfus has returned as Light Heat. “Mirrors” is the first single off their self-titled full-length due out on June 25th, and the song sounds as though it owes surfer rock a bit of a debt – but with a bit of glistening shimmer. 


Under the banner of Mazarin, Philadelphia-based songwriter Quinten Stolzfus spent the better part of the early aughts conjuring a haze of psych-inflected folk-pop. But after a period of reticence that lasted almost as long as the project did, Stolzfus has returned as Light Heat, backed by Paul Maroon, Matt Barrick, Peter Bauer, Walter Martin of the Walkmen.